• Pain killing

    Pain killing
    Ideal for eliminating muscle and joint pain.
  • Antifatigue

    The shock and vibration absorption on muscles, veins and joints increases resistance to e...
  • DTOX

    Studies show a significant reduction in lactic acid during effort.
  • Evacuation

    Optimum inside and out heat exchange with optimised perspiration evacuation.
  • Massaging-effect fibre

    Massaging-effect fibre
    Each movement triggers a micro massage providing a sensation of lightness and well-being. ...
  • High precision technology

    High precision technology
    Special circular weave ensuring excellent pressure distribution over every cm² of the leg...
  • Recovery

    Reduce muscle soreness, eliminate lactic acid and enhance your recovery by wearing Compres...
  • Money back guarantee

    Money back guarantee
    Every product can be tested for 30 days. On the track, road, trail or even on a bike... fo...
  • Ultracomfort

    Woven fibres renowned for their softness and comfort.
  • Acupressure

    “The massaging acupressure” is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint m...
  • Arch stim

    Arch stim
    Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.

    The 3D.DOTS are multidirectional and ensure maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet ...
  • Thermoaeration

    Air enters the 3D.DOTS which prevents the sole of the foot from overheating during effort....
  • Performance

    During exercise, the stimulation of blood flow increases oxygenation to the muscles. Your ...
  • COLDBLACK® - UV Protect

    COLDBLACK® - UV Protect
    The COLDBLACK® treatment reduces heat build-up: the textile stays cool to the touch; the ...
  • Thermo regulation

    Thermo regulation
    The special knitting protects you from the cold and windchill whilst still providing maxim...
  • Antibacterial

    100% hygiénique. Le traitement SANITIZED® aide à éviter la croissance de bactéries et...
  • DRYARN, a performing microfibre

    DRYARN, a performing microfibre
    Fibre hautement technique, « Fabriquée en Italie ». Thermorégulatrice, grande résista...
  • Aeroknitting

    The inside part of your product has a specific, more aerated woven structure to allow air ...
  • Shock Absorber

    Shock Absorber
    The 360° seamless compression around the arm absorbs the “shock wave” effect on muscl...
  • Dual Active Compression

    Dual Active Compression
    The progressive compression acts on both muscular zones of your arm. Improved venous retur...
  • Ultralight

    Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.
  • Ultraresist

  • Morphoit

    100% seamless, your Compressport are knitted to fit every curve of your body perfectly, ma...
  • 3D.Sweatdots

    As true moisture absorbers, they allow sweat to dry instantly and you can swipe the perspi...